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ABOUT N27 Group

Exceptional research, technology services & strategy

We elevate partners, clients, and stakeholders across the globe.

Deep Due Diligence & Research

We leverage a global network of industry experts & state of the art analytics to conduct deep due diligence and advisory across sectors & geographies. 

Technology Services

Our veteran technology team delivers cutting edge security, IT, and technology operations services for leading enterprise & government clients.

Public Relations & Strategy

We tap into our vast network to provide timely public relations, intelligence, & strategic positioning for our clients. 

Commitment to Excellence

We set the highest standards of excellence in all that we do, and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of outstanding results. 

Global Perspective

Our team is a tapestry of talent across backgrounds, cultures, and fields of expertise. Our differences catalyze breakthrough ideas and deliver a unique competitive advantage.

Partner-oriented Approach

We dig deep to ensure transparency, alignment, and trust across stakeholders. We’ll be the first to make room at the table in order to get things done.


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